Pacey: Just hear me out for a second. Back in the day, how would the old-school Pacey deal with a complicated love triangle? He would dive right in, get all bloodied up, and still lose the girl in the end anyway. 
Joey: Pacey, that's not even the same- 
Pacey: Eh, eh, it's ok, because... I learned from it. I learned how to recognize it, and I learned how to avoid it, thereby, not making the same mistake twice. And you know what they call that, friend? They call that growth. 
Joey: Pace, how do you know that's even the same thing? 
Pacey: Because she said, "he's my Dawson." Which is, of course, my personal kryptonite. 
Joey: Ok, so I had a Dawson. Do you see me with him today? No. He's part of her past. 
Pacey: If there's anything that I've learned from history, it's that Dawson is not the past tense of a noun for you ladies. If anything, he is the past, present, and future. So, what I'm looking for is a woman who has no soul mate to speak of.

- Dawson's Creek
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