Joey: I know we always joke about this, but... I feel like I'm never gonna see you again.
Dawson: That's crazy talk, Jo.
Joey: I know. I-- I know I'll see you again, and it probably won't be too long from now, you know, holidays, most likely, but... you'll be different.
Dawson: I will?
Joey: Well, you'll have a tan. And you'll have a girlfriend.
Dawson: I will?
Joey: She'll be incredibly pretty.
Dawson: Really?
Joey: You'll show me a picture, I'll immediately hate her, and the worse part is, deep down, I'll know she's as great as you say she is like her.
Dawson: You sound pretty sure about all this.
Joey: Well, you can't keep it a secret forever, Dawson.
Dawson: What's that?
Joey: How incredible you are 

- Dawson's Creek
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