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I started this “quote page” by writing down quotes I related to on AOL message boards back in 1998. I still have that green notebook somewhere that started my love for quotes. I decided to put them on a webpage and used an old school “expage” site to start. Then, with the help of my tech savvy brother, I acquired my own domain and began Hollie’s Quote Page. I’ve been doing this since I was 13 and even though life has happened and I am no longer an angst-filled teenager, I still have an appreciation for words.

I grew up in a suburb of San Antonio, Texas and then moved to North Carolina for college. I lived there for 10 years and began my teaching career there as well. I taught Health/PE for several years and coached girls basketball & track. I moved back home to Texas in 2014. I taught 8th grade English for the last couple of years.

I had my first child in May and have become a stay at home mom. I currently live in Texas with my husband, daughter, and our two dogs. I’ve never been happier. I have also recently become a LuLaRoe consultant!  I absolutely love the clothing and sharing it with everyone. I sell in-home and in my LuLaRoe Facebook VIP Group... I would love to have you: Shopahollie.com

I plan to continue updating and organizing my quote page more often. I will also update my Hollie’s Quotes Facebook page as well. I’m going to start “blogging”, but not necessarily about anything in particular. Thank you to all of my followers (especially those who have been around since I first started).


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" 
-Eleanor Roosevelt



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