You've got your best friend who exemplifies friendship-she calls at least once a week, sends email every day, and even sends you real mail. You feel like you never left each other...she still knows everything about you, and even over the Internet can tell when something is wrong. She teaches you that distance doesn't have to change a friendship at all. Then there is your other best friend. She rarely calls or writes and she doesn't do the email thing. At times you think she has forgotten about you...until you hear from her. You hear from her for the first time in almost two months-and nothing has changed. You are still you and she is still her --even though you never talk you are as close as ever, you are still the best of friends. You find yourself expressing to her just how much she means to you -- because you realize it now more than ever. She teaches you that true friends are friends in the soul... separation cant tear them apart.

- College Friends
Category: Friendship

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