In one year we will return as different people. We will have experienced dorm life, ate campus food, met new friends. We will have joined a club, maybe a sorority, done something new. In one year we will be new people. We will still be searching for our identity … to find our niche. We will have picked majors, changed majors, passed and failed at things we tried. In one year we will know more about ourselves and what we want to become. We will remember the past times and look fondly at the memories, although we will have created new memories. Yet one thing will still remain. In one year, we will still have that same best friend. Maybe since kindergarten, maybe since high school, maybe a college roommate. That person can be found in new friends and old. Without them, we would have nothing. Four years brought change. Friendship held us strong when things were shaky, in good times and bad, in laughter and tears, though boyfriends, bad grades, family problems, and love … our friends showed us that life was worth enjoying. With hem, we wanted to grow up so quickly. Now, they are the only ones with whom we will remain forever young.

- 4 years ago...
Category: Friendship

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