To put it another way, people are people and people fall in love with people. Some people have a narrow spectrum of who fits into their scope of potential mates and some people have a wider scope of possibilities. Again, it comes back to this: 'There is no accounting for attraction.' This is proven every time someone who fits into a category outside your usual scope of attraction (whether it be the gender, the hair color or the fact that he'd rather play football then read a book) knocks your socks off and you know he or she is not your 'type,' yet you can't stay away. In these situations, there is no need to fret. Just repeat after me: "I'm OK .' 'There's no accounting for attraction.' That's really the bottom line. You're going to feel whatever you are going to feel, and you can't place a judgement on it of good or bad or right or wrong or normal or weird. They're feelings. We don't have any control over them. So, feel whatever you feel, and then make thoughtful choices about what you do. The doing is the part you can control.

- Unknown
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