(Joey dressed as a captain for his new boat)
Joey: Where the hell have you been?!
Chandler: I was making a coconut phone with the professor.
Joey: Richard told Monica he wants to marry her!
Chandler: What?!
Joey: Yeah! Yeah, I've been trying to find ya to tell to stop messing with her and maybe I would have if these (lifts a leg) damn boat shoes wouldn't keep flying off!
Chandler: My -- Oh my God!
Joey: I know! They suck!!
Chandler: He's not supposed to ask my girlfriend to marry him! I'm supposed to do that!
Joey: I know!
Chandler: Well what... Y'know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go over there; I'm gonna kick his ass! (Pause) Will you help me?!
Joey: Look, Chandler I don't think us getting our asses kicked is a solution. Okay? Just go and find Monica!
Chandler: Okay
Joey: Dude-dude-dude!
Chandler: What?!
Joey: Let me know about that coconut phone, it might great for the boat.

- Friends, Season 6
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