Chandler: Oh come on Ross, I think we’re all losers here.
Joey: All right. Chandler, you can either spin the wheel or pick a Google card.
Chandler: Let me think. Let me think—Oh! I don’t care.
Joey: You-you must choose Mr. Bing.
Chandler: Either, it makes no difference.
Joey: Choose, you jackass!
Chandler: I’ll take a card.
Joey: Okay, you picked the Gimmie card! You get all of Ross’s points!
Ross: What?!
Chandler: This game is kinda fun.
Ross: (To Chandler) You don’t think it’s a little crazy that you get all my points just ‘cause you…
Chandler: I don’t think the contestants are supposed to speak to each other.

- Friends, Season 8
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