Ross: You know what? Enough! Enough talking! I have to get moving! Hey check out those two blondes over there! Hey come with me!
Chandler: Are you trying to get everybody divorced?
Ross: You don't have to do anything. It will just be easier if it is the two of us, like college, remember? break the ice with some kind of jokes so that they know you're the funny one and I swoop in with some interesting conversation, so they'll see that I'm the brilliant, brooding, sexy one...
Chandler: I thought I had to make the jokes!
Ross: Don't you have to be at work?
Chandler: Oh come on! (they walk over to the girls) Hello! Hi! My name is Chandler, here's my friend Ross right here, and we were wondering you know if you're up for it. We only need six more people for a human pyramid...Swoop!! Swoop!!
Ross: Hum...So...hum...Oh hey I noticed you were reading the paper...another flood in Europe? Here’s question: "Would you... would you rather drown or be burnt alive?"
Blonde girl: Sorry...we were just leaving
Chandler: We still got it!

- Friends, Season 9
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