And I'm still here waiting there
to catch you if you fall,
I dont know why I care so much
when I shouldn't care at all

- The Ataris

You're the only one who really knew me at all.
I wish I could just make you turn around and see me cry.
There's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why you're the only one who really knew me at all.

- Phil Collins

And its times like this that I dread... when there's everything to say, and nothing left to be said, and it makes me sad.

- Unknown

Some have forever, some just a day. Love isnt something you measure. Nothing's forever... forever is a lie. All we have is between hello and good-bye.

- Unknown

If I had to explain it,
I wouldn't know where to start,
its like you fall in love
while I just fall apart.

- The Getup Kids

Here and now, will we ever be again?
'cause i have found - all that shimmers in this world
is sure to fade away again.

- Fuel

Getting over you made me realize how much I miss you.

- Unknown

If I had never met you, I wouldn't like you, If I had never liked you, I wouldn't love you, If I never loved you I wouldn't miss you, but I did, I do, and always will.

- Unknown

I’m the only one his smile means the world to. I don’t even get to talk to him anymore...much less see him smile.

- Unknown

When I think of passing you in the halls and not even considering to say hello- that is when I will really start to miss you.

- Unknown

You're standing there, looking me in the eye, and breaking my heart. And you don't even care.

- Michelle Burns

So as of right now, I know what's best for me. And that's to get over him, even though I can't. My life is still lingering over every drop of love he has ever giving me. Even though I may not have always seen that love, I know it was still there, and like a fool, I let go of something so special to me, it was something I never knew I needed. And I had him.. and now as every tear I cry, I watch him slip further and further away from me. And it's my fault. It's my fault I let him make me cry, and its my fault I am dealing with pain and misery. But if this is love... I'd do it all over again.

- Unknown

Tonight, just sitting across from you, saying nothing.. you looking at me and me looking at you. For the first time in awhile I could tell you knew I was thinking about you and I knew you didn't mind. Stupid you, you gave me a little more hope.

- Unknown

I sat there and stared at you. I just couldn't understand how such an amazing person could be in my life. And then all of a sudden I got extremely scared. You kissed me, and told me not to worry, there was no way you'd ever leave me. I felt a sense of comfort. I believed you. That is, until you left.

- Joanne Golden

I don't know If I'm getting over you, or just getting used to the pain.

- Unknown

As you walk away I see the fire in your eyes and I can hear the laughter in your voice as you watch my heart break. And I'm frozen. I can't find the words to tell you that I hate you. I can't tell you how I wish you would just leave my life forever. And I can't tell you how much I hope she hurts you. So instead I tell you I love you. Hoping that the fire in your eyes die down, and the laughter in your voice becomes tears in your eyes, and you turn around and unbreak my heart. Only to realize that wishes often dont come true, and hearts are more often then not, broken. And I stand there and watch you walk away.

- Unknown

When you're not here something's missing... my smile.

- Unknown

No matter how many times I tell you she’ll break your heart, or how many times she does it, you’ll never give up. Why, you ask? Because you love her.

- Great Expectations

What else is a girl supposed to do when all she needs in this world is you?

- Unknown

There are only two kinds of love stories in this world --- boy loses girl, or girl loses boy

- Autumn in New York

Love? It's kind of complicated, but I'll tell you this ... the second you're willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy, that's love right there.

- Unknown

Sometimes you love someone so much you become numb to it, because if you didn’t become numb, such strong emotion would kill you.

- Riding in Cars with Boys

When I see him; his smile, those eyes, just everything about him, I end up loving him just as much as I did before I stopped. I guess once you love someone, and admit it, theres no crossing back. It's a line that will forever stay embedded deep within your heart, because once you have loved someone, it doesn't go're forced to care.

- Unknown

When you love a person, you are giving them the power to hurt you.

- Unknown

Accept troubles as an inevitable part of your life, and repeat to yourself the most comforting words of all... "this too shall pass."

- Unknown
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