Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me.

- Oasis

I mean its always the same, each time I see you, you happen to me all over again.

- Unknown

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad. I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks. I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold. Need you, feed you, I'll even let you hold the remote control. So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when you've had too much to drink. All I wanna do is grow old with you.

- Adam Sandler

She feared that he would ask her what that thumping sound was, and she would have to tell him that it was her heart.

- Unknown

And when you kissed me that night, I couldn't help but think...this is exactly what I have waited for my whole life.

- Allison Mosher

All you have to do is touch my hand, show me you understand, and something happens to me.. that some kind of wonderful.

- The Drifters

When I'm with you, I shake inside. My heart's all tangled up, my tongue is tied, it's crazy. Can't walk, can't talk, can't eat, can't sleep. Oh, I'm in love, oh I'm in deep. 'Cause baby… with a kiss you can strip me defenseless, with a touch I completely lose control. All that's left of my strength is a memory, oh… I get weak when I look at you, weak when we touch, I can't speak when I look in your eyes.

- Unknown

When you have moments like that one … you can't even imagine it won't stay that way.

- Down To You

'Where's home for you? a stranger asked a fellow traveler. "Wherever she is," came the reply, as the man pointed at his wife

- Unknown

Your hand found mine. Life rushed to my fingers.

- Unknown

And if you ever think you're not good enough remember what she once said, She told me she thinks the world of you, and how she hoped to one day get that through your head.

- Unknown

I want to share my tears with you. I want to share my love with you. I want to share my happiness with you. I want to share my strength with you, my smiles, my frowns, my joy, my loss, my good days, my bad days, the rain, the sunshine, hot cocoa, snowflakes...I want to share my life with you.

- Unknown

I'd do anything for you, give you the world if I could.

- The Get Up Kids

No one can make me laugh, make me cry, make me smile or drive me mad like she does. It's like a curse that is the cure, better or worse one thing's for sure it's real love, and I don't know what I'd do, if I lost it.

- Kenny Chesney

Someday, when I'm awfully low and the world is cold, I will feel a glow... just thinking of you.

- Tony Bennet

What can I do so you won't ever leave?

- Unknown

When no one else can understand me, when everything I do is wrong, You give me hope and consolation; you give strength to carry on. That's the wonder, the wonder of you.

- Elvis Presley

You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point that unhinges my soul.

- Unknown

Honestly, could it be, you and me, like it was before, neither less or more? Cause when I close my eyes at night, I realize, no one else could ever take your place.

- All 4 One

He leaned over and kissed me... and I kissed him back. And then, our eyes met and it was like, we both knew. So we smiled, and kissed again. It was so perfect.

- Unknown

She thought I was impossible, but she loved me anyway, which is the best sort of love there is.

- Unknown

The highest compliment one can be paid by another human being is to be told, "because of what you are, you are essential to my happiness."

- Unknown

You'd think after all this time; I'd be over you. I actually was … but then, like you promised, we were together again for a while … and everything came rushing back -- the memories, the kisses, the fun -- and I just fell, all over again.

- Unknown

Only one person finds the way to your heart. The others just lead the way.

- Unknown

Meet me in outer-space, I will hold you close... it might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you, how do you do it? Make me feel like I do. How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew.

- Incubus
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