Whoever said love is blind is dead wrong. Love is the only thing that lets us see each other with the remotest accuracy.

- Martha Beck

That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else.

- Sixteen Candles

No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves.

- EW Howe

There's something about the look in your eyes. Something I noticed when the light was just right. It reminded me twice that I was alive and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight.

- Incubus

That night we talked. About life. About our times together. Maybe we weren't the same two kids we had once been. But some things never change. Some things last. And even though I didn't know what was going to happen to us, or where we were going ... I just knew I couldn't let her out of my life.

- Wonder Years

There's different kinds of love, darling. Some people you love no matter what and others you love if the situation is right.

- Inventing the Abotts

Women still remember the first kiss long after men have forgotten the last.

- Unknown

You can't help who you love, you're not supposed to

- Save the Last Dance

The best thing about pictures is they never change, even when the people in them do.

- Unknown

After awhile you learn the difference between holding a hand and falling in love, you begin to learn that kisses dont always mean something, promises can be broken as quickly as they were made, and sometimes goodbyes really are forever.

- Atul Purohit

When friends fall in love it means they are meant for each other, but when friends fall out of love, it means they want to keep each other forever.

- Unknown

I used to like to play with my Ken and Barbie dolls. Ken was my favorite. Then one Christmas I got them a camper and all they wanted to do was hang out in it by themselves. So I wasn't too upset when they took that wrong turn and went over the cliff.

- My Girl.

You look, he looks, and you walk away wondering if yours had the same effect.

- Unknown

The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.

- Emil Ludwig

I think I'll go anti-love. Really, who needs it? Butterflies in the tummy and hearts skipping beats...that can't be safe.

- Unknown

The art of love is largely the art of persistence.

- Albert Ellis

The proof that experience teaches us nothing is that the end of one love does not prevent us from beginning another.

- Paul Bourget

Try to follow your heart, and you'll lose your mind. Try to use your mind, and you'll break your heart...this is the nature of love

- Unknown

Don't you hate that? Uncomfortable silence. Why do we feel it's necessary to talk about bull in order to feel comfortable? That's when you know you've found somebody really special. When you can just shut the hell up for a minute and comfortably share a silence

- Pulp Fiction

Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything... you risk even more.

- Erica Jong

Love and electricity are on in the same, my dear.. if you do not feel the jolt in your soul every time a kiss is shared, a whisper is spoken, a touch is felt, then you're not really in love

- Unknown

Remember my sentimental friend, you will be judged not by how much you love, but by how much you are loved.

- Wizard of Oz

The first symptom of love in a young man is shyness; the first symptom in a young woman, it’s boldness

- Victor Hugo

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

- John Heywood

Love is an irresistible desire, To be irresistibly desired.

- Robert Frost
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