I feel like I'm just in the way, but it's your fault I'm there.

- Unknown

Yeah we make great friends but it just isn't the same.

- Good Charlotte

I wish I hadn't kissed him. I knew I regretted it a moment after it was through because it was nothing like the first time you and I kissed. The room didn't spin, my vision didn't even get hazy.. I just knew at that moment, I wasted a kiss on him I could've cherished with you.

- Unknown

How can you possibly look into my eyes and not see that I've been in love with you since the moment this all began? Perhaps the better question is… how could you not care?

- Unknown

But most of the time I think, that I just wasn't enough.

- The Wedding Planner

I wanna do to you exactly what you did to me. Lead you on, make you fall for me, and then let go... effortlessly.

- Unknown

Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.

- Unknown

She simply lived with his face in her heart all of the time, a kind of sweet, hurtful ache. She would have died for him.

- Unknown

I hate you for making me feel so much over nothing.

- Unknown

For once, instead of telling me the reasons why I shouldnt cry, actually pay attention to the reasons why I am.

- Unknown

Sometimes I still can't believe you were mine, even for a little while.

- Party of Five

And even though the moment just passed me by, I still can't turn away.

- Unknown

The harder she tried to forget him, the more she remembered him, the more she tried to hate him, the more she wanted him to look at her with those eyes of his, and smile that smile of his that never failed to stop her breath.

- Unknown

Funny how it seems that all I've tried to do, seemed to make no difference to you at all.

- Unknown

Once I ran to you, now I run from you.

- Soft Cell

I have this great imaginary world, but sometimes I just need things to happen for real.

- Ally McBeal

You came to me like a dream.. the kind that always leaves just as the best part starts, it ends so abruptly.

- Alkaline Trio

I try too hard and it just goes unnoticed.

- Unknown

Time and distance have no meaning, being close is an affair of the heart.

- Unknown

I'd sing you the sweetest songs, and hold you so long
And make you forget all the reasons
You talked about leaving this place
If you're thinking 'bout leavin,
I could give you a reason to stay

- Randy Rogers

I wish there was something I could say, to erase each and every page you've been through, even though its not my place to save you

- The Ataris

As you looked into my eyes and asked why I was about to cry, it was because I knew we had to say goodbye.

- Unknown

Can you make it easier for me to understand, how you're holding my heart in your trembling hands?

- Unknown

And then theres times you look at me, as though I'm all that you can see.

- O town

Sometimes its easier for me to pretend rather than face my feelings. Sometimes its easier to try to make it alone rather than risk getting hurt again. Sometimes its easier to be numb towards certain people so I dont let them get too close. sometimes I'm scared. But when I act numb towards you, it doesnt mean I dont care. It means I care too much.

- Janet Finch, White Oleander
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