It is much easier to turn a friendship into love, than love into a friendship.

- Unknown

I never thought you'd hurt me, I guess you live and learn, that when you're playing with fire, you're bound to get burned

- Unknown

I built my world inside a bubble away from the poison of your lips. I let you inside and watched you slowly crumble my existence.

- Unknown

You're scared... so I'm paying for it with my heart.

- Unknown

You can try your hardest, you can do everything and say everything, but sometimes people just aren't worth trying over anymore... they aren't worth worrying about. It's important to know when to let go of someone who only brings you down.

- Unknown

Do you care if I don't know what to say? Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me? Will I shake this off, pretend it's all ok... that there's someone out there who feels just like me.

- Unknown

I'd do anything just to hold u in my arms. To try to make u laugh, somehow I can't put you in the past, I'd do anything, just to fall asleep with you, will you remember me? Cause I know I won't forget you.

- Simple Plan

Everything comes tumbling down. I choke back each tear that bleeds. I'd rather rest forever in your arms, I'd rather stay here than go but I know that I should leave as I sit here helpless.

- The Juliana Theory

I told you I'd never say goodbye, now I'm slipping on the tears you made me cry.

- Nine inch nails.

So this is my new found freedom, it's funny, I don't remember being chained.

- Savage Garden

Was I a fool to think? The way you looked at me, I swear you did. But you looked away too quick. Was I a fool, was I a fool to think, that you would take me home? As if I was yours? Was I a fool to think at all?

- Dave Matthews Band

She drives away feeling worthless, used again but nothings different, she'd stay the night but knows he doesn't care.

- Something Corporate

I just wanna call him up and be like "take it or leave it" but I'm afraid to because I have a feeling he'll leave it, because he doesn't need me as much as I need him.

- Unknown

I'm mad at myself, not you. I'm mad for always being nice, always apologizing for things I didn't do, for getting attached, for making you my life, depending on you, wasting my time on you, thinking about you, following you, changing for you, forgiving you, wishing for you, dreaming of you, and most of all...for not hating you which I know I should, but I can't.

- Unknown

There's a good side to getting hurt a lot...after a while it just doesn't bother you as much.

- Unknown

It's almost three a.m. and I should be asleep but instead I lie awake in my room my head still hurts from the night before last, my only solace is thinking of you, let me dream, give me peace, let me fall fast asleep, cause I swear there will be time for you tomorrow.

- Diesel Boy

Maybe he's the one you want but maybe he's not the one you need.

- Unknown

Hate me now so I can move on,
Make it easier to see that you're gone

- Taking back Sunday

Why do we always go out of our way to hold on to the wrong ones and let the right ones slip right through our fingers?

- Unknown

And her heart was broken into a thousand pieces, and upon each one was written his name.

- Unknown

When reality hits you, you finally realize its not worth loving him anymore.

- Unknown

When I left him, he was already walking away.

- Unknown

I guess I could call you and ask you "How are you?"
But I really don't have much to say.
I sit all alone and I stare at the phone
And I hope that you're doing ok.

- The Ataris

The fire you get in your eyes when I talk to you tells me you aren't over me either.

- Unknown

It's hard to give up the one you never thought you'd leave.

- The Juliana Theory
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