But summer had a way of making her smile and feel happier. It was sort of amazing how for those months of summer she always believed in herself and all that she could be.

- Unknown

Because you're not mad. 
You want to be, but you just can't. 
And when you talk about him, 
your eyes still sparkle

- Unknown

They were best friends, lovers and soul mates destined to be together, everyone thought. But as it happened, one day destiny greedily changed its mind. 

- Cecelia Ahern, PS I Love You

I wish that I could make him realize that he's worthy of being loved. That he could be someone's world. That somebody thinks of him every single night before she goes to bed and every single morning when she wakes up. That someone nearly dies with yearning thinking of his arms around her. That somebody loves him more than anything because he's fantastic. He is that special.

- Unknown

You can't save the damsel if she loves her distress. 

- Gossip Girl

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with. 

- Juno

I hope that someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight, and that's all they do. They don't pull away. They don't look at your face, they don't try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms, without an ounce of selfishness in it. 

- Waitress

After a break-up, certain street, locations, even times of day are off-limits. The city becomes a deserted battlefield, loaded with emotional landmines. You have to be very careful where you step or you could be blown to pieces. 

- Sex & The City

Sometimes I think I am out of my league, and then sometimes I think I can dream. Sometimes I wish I could be the one fish that you choose out of all in the sea. 

- Hellogoodbye 

You know that feeling? That feeling when you just want the right thing to fall into the right place, not only because it's right, but because it will mean that such a thing is still possible? I want to believe that.

- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist 

Randomly she bites her lip, hiding the picture in her mind. Randomly she smiles, she remembers every word you said that night.

- Unknown

Loving someone makes you forget the difference between right and wrong.

- Desperate Housewives 

Sometimes we wait too long for things that are never going to come.

- Unknown

Well, love is insanity . The ancient Greeks knew that. It is the taking over of a rational and lucid mind by delusion and self-destruction. You lose yourself, you have no power over yourself, you can't even think straight.

- Marilyn French

The love of your life might not actually be someone with whom you could spend a lifetime with.

- Unknown

It had taken her years to understand, but now she was a firm believer: Love was that way. You could not render it in black and white. It always came down to the strange, blended shades of gray. 

- Jodi Picoult, Picture Perfect

Who wants that? I'd rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can't even sleep because I love someone so much. And there's always sadness in our lives. It's that sad feeling that keeps us going. Because if we can overcome that sadness, we can hope for happiness in the future

- House

"Just wait and be hopeful. " I was hopeful though, perhaps this was what I had wanted all along. To wait forever.

- Andre Aciman

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that you make your own family.

- Unknown

The best relationships were the ones where both sides went out of their way to make sure the other wasn't disappointed.

- Unknown

People say love's complicated but it's not. be good to your partner: fight for him not with him. And above all, be honest.

- instant star

I realized I had just entered an interesting chapter in my life. I had outgrown the boys of my past and not quite grown into the men of my future.

- Sex & The City

Sometimes you love, and you learn, and you move on. And that's okay.

- Prime

Sometimes in life when you get what you want, you end up missing what you left behind.

- Scrubs

Be with who makes you happy, even if it means you're always running back.

- Unknown
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