and they say we're too young, but maybe they're too old to remember

- Unknown

everyone wants someone who wants somebody else. 
and cares for someone who couldn't care less about them. 
people everyday and everywhere go through this vicious cycle. 
of pleasing and teasing. 
no one is truly content. 
the heart hungers for love , but it's lust that keeps it pumping. 
we get what we'd kill for. 
and trade it in for something not even worth living . 
some will never find what's real. 
and others will settle for anything. 
bitter looks and jealous stings supposedly make you stronger. 
but eat away at your insides. 
the weak forgive and forget. 
the strong remember it every waking moment and apply it to the future. 
the brain knows what it needs. 
the human heart is a mystery. 

- Vanessa Boccio

And we're so different. we're hot and cold, fire and water. i'm loud, you're quiet. i talk, you listen. i'm crazy, you're sane. but that's why this works... you fill in my missing pieces and i complete you... and i guess that's why, despite the questions and the challenges, i still believe in us and i still believe in this... and as long as we have each other, i think we'll be alright

- Katrina Berning

Because sometimes, forgetting is easier on the heart

- Unknown

If it were going to happen, it would have already happened. (Admittedly, even while I'm thinking this, I'm hoping it's not true. It's too simplistic, and when you apply the statement to almost any situation, frankly, it doesn't hold up. I mean, what does its not having happened yet have to do with preventing it from happening in the future? Nothing! Is it a predictor of things to come? Who knows! I don't want the statement to be true, of course. It's just true for now. That gets my hopes up, which just lets me down, so I need to stick with this thinking-you see.) 

- Jill A. Davis, Ask again Later

What is love ? Great minds have been grappling with this question through the ages, and in the modern era, they have come up with many different answers. According to the Western philosopher Pat Benatar, love is a battlefield. Her paisan Frank Sinatra would add the corollary that love is a tender trap. The stoner kids who spent the summer of 1978 looking cool on the hoods of their Trans Ams in the Pierce Elementary School parking lot used to scare us little kids by blasting the Sweet hit "Love Is Like Oxygen" - you get too much, you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die. Love hurts. Love stinks. Love bites, love bleeds, love is the drug. The troubadours of our times all agree: They want to know what love is, and they want you to show them. But the answer is simple: Love is a mix tape 

- Rob Sheffield, Love Is A Mix Tape

So come on and face it. It's time that we say it. You can cross the line whenever you want to.

- John Mayer

Love does not have to be fireworks, or butterflies. sometimes, love comes softly and slowly. love in its own time, invading your heart- it could be a stranger, or an extended hand. it all depends if you reach out for it.

- Unknown

Look, lots of people lose themselves in love. It's no shame. They write songs about it. The hitch is, you can't stay lost. Sooner or later, you have to get back to yourself 

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Go on just say it, you need me like a bad habit; one that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone.

- Taking Back Sunday

I saw him staring at me- not glancing, but blatantly staring. and I wondered if he was staring at the wreckage he had created or if maybe, just maybe he regretted ever hurting me in the first place. In that moment I just wanted him to push me hard against a wall and kiss me. I didn't want to think anymore. I didn't want to question it. I just wanted to feel it. Sometimes that's all we need-- is just to feel it.

- Unknown

And I did love you, and I still do. Only I didn't realize it was love, because it was more than love but it wasn't just some stupid feeling in my stomach like everything else and I'll never love anyone as much as you, and I hate you. I hate you!

- Empire Records

These things, these moments you take to be extraordinary. They have a way of melting back into reality. And the further away you get, the further you get from that moment 

- Unknown

She missed him the days when some pretext served to take him away from her, just as one misses the sun on a cloudy day without having thought much about the sun when it was shining.

- The Awakening

You don't know, you don't understand, not for one second. You think you understand, but you don't. You just analyze everything until it barely even exists.

- My So-Called Life

And someday soon i'll get it right, and then you'll see how good i can be.

- Saves The Day 

I always thought you were chasing something that wasn't out there, because in my heart, I believed that we belonged here.

- Roswell

it's hard to wait around for something 
that you know might never happen; but it's 
even harder to give up when you know it's 
everything you want

- Unknown

literate and stylish 
kissable and quiet 
well thats what girls 
dreams are made of 
and that's all you need to know 
you have it or you don't 

- Taking back sunday

If you go to the end of the world for someone, make sure that they are going to be there when you get back

- Unknown

What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction.

- Chuck Palahniuk

it seemed impossible that I could be so involved I couldn't pull away.

- Nora Roberts

Ephram : I remember everything about us
Amy : Me too, See that's the thing. Everytime I try to forget, The feelings that I have for you, They just they keep comming back, I know they're back. And I don't wanna push them down anymore, I don't wanna run away from this because I never... wanna lose you again, I just wanna be with you, Next year, wherever you are. 

- Everwood

We stumble into love with perfect, awkward grace

- Unknown

Liking someone is accepting every part of them, but you can't do that unless they are willing to share every part with you. 

- Smallville
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