I realized that's how he makes me feel, not just safe, but happy. He makes me laugh, and I know he'll be there for me when I cry. He's always been there for me, and I'm just finally realizing how rare that is. 

- Everwood

There are as many ways to meet someones as there are someones to meet. That said, iut's almost impossible to meet that special someone unless you're willing to be someone else's someone until your special someone comes along.

- Kermit the Frog

I think relationships can be defined by big moments that don't happen - or by the little ones that do. But once you get past the drama, it's actually pretty simple: All you have to do is whatever it takes to make her happy.

- Scrubs 

Do not pity the dead. pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love. 

- JK Rowling, HP & the Deathly Hallows

He was holding her tight so she couldn't leave . he didn't realize, she had no reason to go.

- Unknown

I'm afraid he'd think I was insane if he knew all I wanted to do is hold his hand for the rest of my life. 

- Unknown

I wanted to tell her that sometimes, with love, there doesn't even have to be a reason. I knew from experience that no matter how much you turn things in your head, trying to make sense of them, some people just defy all logic.

- Unknown

You have to know your own heart and after that you have to risk breaking it. 

- Wildfire

If you don't stay together through the bad, then you won't be together for the good .

- Unknown

I told them all the great things I know about you and there were a lot. I was up there for a while. I didn't tell them everything, though. I left out the complicated stuff, like how it took losing you forever for me to truly find you. And how finding you turned me into someone else entirely. That's not what they came for. People want to hear you were great. Not that were great, but also, sometimes, not so great. They want to know I miss you. Not that while I've been missing you, I've fallen for someone else. It's weird, though. I feel like the only one who would understand this is you. In a way, that makes sense. He was the one person you were yourself around. Of course he'd be that same person for me. Anyway, I left all that out and I kept it simple. I told them I loved you and that's the truth. 

- Catch & Release

You very rarely get everything you want in life 
But when you don't fight for it 
You have even less of a chance 
So here I am. Fighting. For you .

- Ugly Betty

Brooke: Shut up.. You know I'm lying I am gonna miss you.. I already do. You've become such a big part of my life, sometimes I think it's strange that I didn't know you until now. 
Chase: It's okay. Put me in your heart and go see everything, and then come back to me. 


I guess, if anything, it's about taking chances, even when you think you're all out of chances. It's about giving forgiveness and unconditional love, even when it seems like you should only do the opposite. It's about trusting that God puts people in your life at certain times so that you can capitalize on the opportunity. It's all about the possibility. It's all about what you do with those possibilities. Life is short, but it moves so fast. Hang on and enjoy the ride. And when someone comes along with whom you enjoy spending the ride with ... hold on tight.

- Samantha Mott

Even big-screen romances have 'it's not going to work' moments. It's nice to strive for romance in life. What are you going to do, throw in the towel because you might get your heart broken?

- Drew Barrymore

If only there was a love version of the money-back guarantee. The if you fell hard, and it didn't work out, your mind would simply erase the experience from your memory and you'd be brand new again, without that wound on your heart or the scar tissue that formed around it  

- Back in Black the A-List

I've thought for a long time that we were going to end up together, so I didn't really care so much about the when of it. Now, though, the long road is starting to seem like the infinite road. 

- Jill A. Davis, Ask Again Later

In fairytales, when the mask came off, the handsome prince still loved the girl, no matter what --and that alone would turn her into a princess.

- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

If he's not the guy, if what he needs from you just isn't there... let him go. Break his heart and make it a clean break. But if you really think you can love this guy, I'm talking scary, messy, no emotions barred need. If you're ready for that, think about what you're about to lose. 

- Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Everything about love is random, so why try and bring order to it? It's not worth worrying about. I know we could just move in together and that would make everything much easier, but it works both ways. It's easier to walk out, it's easier to be unfaithful, it's easier for everything to just disappear. If I'm going to invest my emotions in another human being again, then I'm going to make sure if it doesn't work out it'll be the messiest, most savage divorce ever.

- Mike Gayle, My Legendary Girlfriend

This won't last forever so let me make this count.

- Unknown

Sometimes love isn't firecrackers. Sometimes love just comes softly.

- Love Comes Softly

Is it really true? 
Could you save yourself  for someone who  
could love you for you? 
So many times we just give it away  
to someone who, someone who... 
you met in a bar, in the back of a car  
and for a moment you felt important 
but not in your heart. 

- Senses fail

We can take this as slow or as fast as you want to, as long as we take it somewhere. 

- Zane, The Heart Seekers

People can call it passion. Or lust. Or Obsession. I don't really care. When I'm with him, it's the only time I feel completely alive. If you've never felt the power of that, then I feel sorry for you.

- The A List : Girls On Film

This moment was real too, even if you couldn't tell at first glance. It was fake on the outside, but so true within. You only had to look, really look, to tell.

- Sarah Dessen, Just Listen
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